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Who are we?

Global Communications Extension Services (GCES) is a specialist service provider delivering the best support and implementing services to our clients across the whole of Africa. Global Communications Extension Services (GCES) was established in 2016 with RC No: 1265484 and has since become a specialist provide, with specialization in the Telecommunications industry. Global Communications Extension Services (GCES) emerged from the merger of competences previously individually practiced by a number of firms. The combined experience of these firms represent years of high quality professional services to the Nigerian and African Telecommunication Industry. The experience of the directors is significantly more.   Global Communications Extension Services (GCES) is geared towards providing world class managed services to Telecommunication and Infrastructure Companies around the nation. Acquiring resources to constantly upgrade or maintain faster networks may be distracting to the core business of Telecommunication Companies, hence, we deliver top notch network-based services, applications and equipment to our clients so they can focus on their core business of connecting people and enhancing customer experience.   The Company has substantial experience in Nigeria and has worked with virtually all the major Telecommunication firms in Nigeria. Our work approach is based on commitment to international standards of professionalism, superior client service and relevance to the realities of our local market conditions. Global Communications Extension Services (GCES) offers a full range of core telecommunications projects and support services. Global Communications Extension Services (GCES) Solutions suite includes: ICT Infrastructure — Technical Support Services — OFC services – MTN Fiber Network Audit — Site Development and Operations — Rural Connectivity Solutions  

Our Skills

Our teams of professionals possess expert knowledge in the following domains:

  The Nigerian business environment The Nigerian Telecommunications Industry Networks construction upgrading and maintenance Fiber rollout and maintenance Network Equipment Operations and Maintenance Electrical and power equipment installation Operations and Maintenance Data Center construction management and maintenance Best practice project management frameworks   Global Communications Extension Services (GCES) is organised and fully equipped to manage the commercial deployment of our advanced technological assets   We are unique in that our service and product focus is precisely geared to meet the needs of the African continent.   Our people are seasoned and exceptionally knowledgeable telecommunications professionals. We have state-of-the-art technologically, resources and infrastructure. We have a successful operating satellite, ground-systems and expert support services. We provide call management, data access and call-by-call billing information. Our business model is based on providing commercially viable, cost effective, sustainable, managed ‘end-to-end‘ systems and services to Telco operators. We deliver distinctive, highly competitive, Voice, IP data and Broadband services. Our marketing and sales effort is focused on recruiting and collaborating with Telco’s wishing to participate. We offer ‘turn-key’ opportunities to facilitate modular pilot deployment of our Orbit|Ground Traffic System.   Global Communications Extension Services (GCES) has a robust and widespread portfolio of managed services, spanning ICT and Telecommunications competences. In the Networked Society, people depend on networks to help them connect with each other and improve their lives and businesses. In this new world, operators are under pressure to maintain quality of service, differentiate themselves from the competition and promote end-user loyalty. Global Communications Extension Services (GCES) partners with leading service companies to manage these challenges. The telecommunications landscape is evolving and we’ve developed a range of managed services. With a steady growth in our PanAfrican footprint, Global Communications Extension Services (GCES) offers its broad base of valuable customers a complete package of turnkey telecommunication products, services and network solutions that are in line with individual business networks' and customers' requirements. Global Communications Extension Services (GCES) maintains robust partnerships with world class telecommunication equipment suppliers who have expertise in developing and deploying quality telecommunications solutions. We provide a one-stop shop managed services for our telco operator clients, in the areas of preventative and active site maintenance, Network Synchronization, and Transmission & Integration. Our service is supported by highly qualified and competent response teams, located across Africa.   Global Communications Extension Services (GCES) also provides services ranging from IT Infrastructure, technical support services, Cloud Computing, Data center Management, Wireless solutions, Optical Fiber cables services (Trenching, laying, Ducting, Back filling, Cable Auditing) Procurement and Supply Chain Management services. Global Communications Extension Services (GCES) places the business objectives of its customers at the center of its thoughts and actions. We can implement standard packages to meet your industry-specific needs and we can develop customized solutions that will add value to your business.


Global Communications Extension Services (GCES) will enable rural communities to benefit from the many advantages which access to the global society can provide in terms of creating jobs; self-empowerment – particularly for women; economic prosperity; access to markets; family well being; education, and an improved quality of life… now and for future generations. We are doing this by providing voice and data connectivity, and as our geographic coverage and usage grows, we will continue to upgrade our service provision using our innovative technologies, configured to satisfy customer needs and as these grow more sophisticated, to provide a fully fledged integrated telecommunications service.


ViaSat Global Communications Extension Services (GCES) has built strategic alliances with reputable international service providers with specialist knowledge that uniquely complement our local expertise. Global Communications Extension Services (GCES) along with its partners can deliver a full range of core telecommunications projects and support services. We have continued to build business collaborations with world class partnership firms in Europe and America geared towards providing top-range Engineering support and technical services, giving us access to latest thinking and technology in the provision of managed services to our customers.


Global Communications Extension Services (GCES) is in the business of realizing the full potential from intelligent integration synergies and from planning, developing, operating and supporting entire systems. As our customer, you directly benefit from the way we combine industry knowledge, cross-platform know-how and entrepreneurial spirit. Our many successes with our client testify to our consistency and to the merits of our partnership approach combined with a focus on achieving results and a commitment to reliability.


What also sets Global Communications Extension Services (GCES) Systems apart is that we design entire value chains for our customers. This is achieved by visualizing comprehensive business processes in our systems and joining them with the services provided by Global Communications Extension Services (GCES) into one comprehensive proposition – a complete value chain from one source. This unique combination of competencies enables us to deliver much more than just solutions: what you get is the best possible solution for achieving your objectives. And we implement it in a professional, thorough, flexible and pragmatic way that's grounded in your business reality. Our solutions and drive make us an enabler for achieving even greater business success. Global Communications Extension Services (GCES) endeavors to achieve economic viability and business growth through the deployment of sustainable and environmentally compatible, telecommunication technologies, systems and infrastructure. We are committed to bring enhanced value to our partners, operators, shareholders and others in order to deliver our ultimate goal… to deploy sustainable, connectivity services to the thousands of rural communities resident on the African continent.


Global Communications Extension Services (GCES) is a privately owned business, with a pioneering culture, centered on delivering sustainable, telecommunication services to the heartland of Africa. Registered in Nigeria and headquartered in FCT, we have two Satellite Control Stations – one in Gharyan, Libya and the other in Fucino, Italy, plus a mission control facility located in Douala, Cameroon. These technical resources monitor transponder loading and system performance optimization of our satellite, to provide telecom connectivity solutions in different African countries. Our management resources and practical experience enable us to provide fully integrated, end-to-end services, including planning; specification; organization; deployment; maintenance, plus systems and management information. Our satellite’s prime orbital position of 2.9 East, covers the entire African continent and adjacent islands. With our mobile and fixed line ground infrastructure, we are able to deliver voice and data communications, to off-the-grid communities.

Corporate Responsibility

Global Communications Extension Services (GCES) is aware that health, safety and welfare of the entire staff (including the working environment) is important for the growth of the company hence, we endeavor to protect our staff through the following steps: Promoting good health among our employees through health counseling and health education. By this we plan to ensure the complete prevention of occupational and non-occupational disorders and diseases. Providing a safe working environment for our staff members ensuring too that they are aware of their own responsibilities in respect of relevant safety and environmental matters. Providing safe working procedures to ensure that employees and sub-contractors are protected and that their work does not result in hazard to themselves and others. Ensuring that, when new substances, plants, machinery, equipment and processes are introduced, adequate guidance, instruction and supervision will be provided for safe methods of work to be developed Pursuing pollution prevention, energy conservation and waste reduction in our operations. We aim to be the benchmark of best practice in terms of environment, health and safety in all we do Meeting and exceeding all relevant legal requirements.

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